Since its founding in 2004, Athlete-Brand has been an affirming organization that strives to help Japanese student/athletes discover the full range of their talents and potential. Athlete-Brand creates and offers a challenging opportunity for the next step. We have achieved great results such as producing 19 professional baseball players and numerous scholarship students/athletes, including the full scholarship from D1 universities, and assisting Japan's First Basketball scholarship the “Slam Dunk Scholarship Program”.

Athlete-Brand's Mission

Corporate Profile

Head Office Kojimachi Sansei buildings 2F, 2-3-19 Hirakawacho Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102-0093 Japan
President/CEO Shingo Nemoto
Date of Establishment November 11, 2004
Outline of Business -Supporting Japanese students/athletes who play/study sports overseas
-Camp, Showcase, Tryout, Clinic
-Global sports training/internships
-Sports media/marketing projects


Supporting Japanese students/athletes who want to play/study sports overseas

We consult and provide assistance to go overseas to experience the US sports scene as well as study at colleges in the US.

Athlete-Brand Alumni

14 professional players both in Japan and the US, including Shinnosuke Takahashi (Yomiuri Giants) and Tomo Otosaka (Yokohama DeNA BayStars) NCAA Division1, Division2, NAIA, College students who receive athletic Scholarships, including California State University, Northridge. Students who study sports related subjects (e.g. Athletic Training, Sports Management, etc.)

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High Schools

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Assist Japan’s First Basketball scholarship “Slam Dunk Scholarship Program” that will send one of the best players in Japan to one of the US premier basketball prep programs(South Kent School and St. Thomas More School).

Camp, Showcase, Tryout, Clinic

We assist and accompany athletes attending summer camp and internship programs in the US, and carry out administrative duties. We also provide support for holding tryouts, for joining special internship programs, and for team camps/training in variety of sports.

What we have accomplished


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Tryout / Showcase

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Global sports training/internships

We provide the opportunity to experience the US sports scene for non-players (prospective trainers, sports management students, etc)

What we have accomplished

Athletic Training Internships

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Sports Management Internships

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Baseball tutoring

Sports media/marketing project

Support any level of athletes

The founder, President/CEO, Shingo Nemoto has worked with numerous top Major Leaguers in his former job. By providing the experiences and knowledge, we offer the management and support any type of athletes from world’s top elite athletes to kids players who participate in a summer camp.


Shingo Nemoto teaches some sports business class −“ Sports Marketing”, “Sports Industry”, and “Sports Career Design” at Tokuyama University, Yamaguchi from Spring 2007

What we have accomplished

Supporting IBAF public relations
Has done the management of the Gold medalist in the hammer throw, Koji Murofushi (Ended of Support)
The Slam Dank Scholarship Program Holding seminars related to sports.
: “How to get a job related to your favorite sports” ,etc.
Participated in the project of research
: For the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Sports Policy investigation ( regarding the research of governance issues)
Published the four books below:
:”America de Pro ni naru” (to be a professional in the US)
: ”Nekkyu Eigo”(English in MLB, NBA, NFL coverage)
:”Mayotta toki koso tuzuke nasai” (Keep moving forward especially when you in doubt)
:”Top athlete no katsu kotoba” (quotes of top athletes)

Media coverage

“Asahi Shimbun Globe” January 4, 2015”,
“The Nikkei” February 2013
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”Eyes on Japan (TOKYO FM)” June 5, 2006
“Anata to Happy (Nippon Broadcasting System)” September 14, 2014
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TV shows

“Akko ni omakase (TBS)” September 14, 2014”
“Mezamashi doyoubi (Fuji Television Network)” September 2, 2006
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“Training Journal” January, 2015,
“President Family” January 2014
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